margiesmanna Collection

I am glad to announce that Dad and I have put our heads together and found a way you can help with missions in Eastern and Southern Africa.  You can even own a piece of Duncan memorabilia in the process!  I know I spoke about introducing Dad to Ebay in a previous post.  We he has taken that advice to heart and will place items up for sale on a regular basis for the next little while.  This helps me clean my Dad’s garage out for some much needed space and gives you the reader a chance to own some excellent curios at bargain prices.  All the profits from any item in the “margiesmanna collection” will go to furthering mission work in Eastern and Southern Africa.  How do you get a look at this collection?  Go to Ebay’s website and search for “margiesmanna” in the search box.  Make sure you ask the search engine to look in titles and descriptions in the advanced options.

Here is a picture of me giving Dad the first check from the profits of the margiesmanna collection.  This check was for $100.00 and will be going to assist some pastors in Kenya, Africa.



2 Responses to margiesmanna Collection

  1. Dina Bateman Kanaley says:

    Kenny, I got a card from your dad and Julia today with your blog information.
    I have spent the last couple hours reading through…so much fun! Great job!!
    Really brings back memories of Limuru and your very dear family…you’re
    right about your mom’s cooking! Best doughnuts ever, or anything else
    she made. Thanks for sharing this, Scot and I really enjoyed it.
    ps. I remember riding back from Nairobi one night with Bev and Aunt Ros &
    your mom and my mom…I remember a conversation that was really surreal,
    considering the fact that my dad and your mom were soon on their way to heaven!
    Good memories. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Kenny,

    Your Uncle Carl and I have enjoyed your blog so much. It has brought back a lot of fun and fond memories of my late sister, whom I loved very much, as you and Alan
    did, too.

    Keep up all this good stuff….We loved it!!!!!

    Aunt Helen

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