What is it?

Since this is a brand new experience for me I thought I might take the time to answer a few whys and why fours.  No, I did not misspell for, just a little play on words.

1. Why “margiesmanna”?  My mother’s name was Margie Duncan.
2. Why “margiesmanna”?  Manna is the nourishment that God provided on a daily basis for the children of Israel.  Like manna the information in this blog will come new every morning.  Also like manna you will get a double portion on Saturday because Sunday is my sabbath.  Although you are welcome to post comments on Sunday they will not be answered until the next day for the same reason.
3. Why now?  I have been struggling with a good way to “pay it forward” to my folks for a while now and this seemed like the right time.
4. Why a blog?  This seemed like a great way to share my mom’s wisdom while also providing a spot for others to learn and grow.

See You at the Top!

15 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Cindy

    Good job! Jackie said it made her cry, but it was a good cry. She is sworn to secracy!

  2. Betsy Duncan

    Uncle Kenny,

    Wow – this is really special. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Love from your neice,

  3. margiesmanna

    Part of the reason I am doing this is for you and your brothers and sisters. I hope you enjoy the ride!

  4. Howdy, Kenny!

    GREAT to get your video link from Uncle Glenn Boyd.

    Your mom was always one of my favorites. I can remember her delicious cooking and beautiful southern drawl well. Aunt Margie still has a special place in my heart.

    I got to see Alan briefly last time I was in Joburg back in ’96. Every time I visit Chattanooga and see all that UT stuff I always think of him.

    Take a look at our web sites: http://www.whirlwindmissions.org. I have blogs/video blogs and newsletters on it.

    Check out our Photo Gallery. You might particularly enjoy our Family stuff–especially the Christmas pix where you can see my folks.

    You’re looking great! I remember so fondly days of playing football at Shauri Moyo!

    I always considered your brother one of my best friends and your family made my early days so special.

    Do you ever go through Atlanta? If so, give me a call and we’ll go eat some roast goat!



  5. PJ Cooley

    Manna is the correct word for this Mr. Duncan. My memories of your mom are all food related – 3 words in particular; Biscuits and Gravy!!!!!!!! I remember it always being a wonderful feeling to be invited to your place because we knew we’d be loved, doted on and fed all weekend long. That was a great thing for those whose parents were much farther away.

  6. Hey Kenny,

    Thanks for stopping by, LiveTheRed. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Tim came through the surgery with flying colors. No more cancer. We are all relieved.

    I got a chance to see Alan in Chattanooga last fall at the CESA Summit! Gosh, I guess I hadn’t seen him in person since they went to Port Elizabeth…how many years is that?

    Pal and I (with our three kids) got to go to East Africa last summer (couple of weeks after the 100th anniversary at RVA). Spent some time in Tanzania and Kenya. After being married to Pal for 27 years, it was my first time in Africa. Needless to say, I fell in love with the people and the place. I hope we’ll get back someday.

    I enjoy your blogsite. Keep it up!

    Live the Red,


  7. Beth-Ann

    Hey Uncle Kenny

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to write a comment….I guess I got my dad’s technological genes. hehe.

    But I do want to let you know how great I think this blog is. These are some very special memories you are sharing, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

    Love ya!
    Tell Aunt Cindy I say hi!


  8. Paul Murry

    Kenny, I know I tell you at church how much I enjoy your blog, but I felt I needed to tell you here also. Having traveled overseas some, but never for more than a couple of weeks at a time I have a partial understandng of just how much we take for granted how much is available to us here in the U.S. Reading your blog makes me appreciate even more how much a person living overseas has to make do. Keep the blog going.
    Also, you mentioned how proud you are of your brother, in this day when families are being torn apart it is encourageing to here someone say they are proud of their family. last but not least, I have never met your brother, but your pride in him shines through, but I can say without a doubt that your parents raised two boys who are very special people, I am very honored to call you and Cindy my friends.

  9. Gakuru

    Just stumbled on this site but it sure had me cracking up .. LOL .. especially the Matatu part .. I can just picture the policeman saying that … anyway .. Banana Hill is my hometown .. looking forward to returning there soon after 15 years. Wow .. can’t wait!

  10. margiesmanna

    Glad I could bring back memories of the hometown. When you get back to the “Hill” don’t let the police know that their message has yet to be delivered! …….LOL…….. I, also am a little “homesick” so enjoy Kenya a little for me. If you want to see where several of my memories were made drop by Brackenhurst near Tigoni and tell them to give you the tour complements of Ken Duncan. Kwa heri nende kwa Mungu!

  11. patrick kamau

    I had the previledge to meet the Halls in kenya in the mid ’70s. They gave me and many others a chance to live our lives despite the very difficult conditons of abject poverty.
    I’m a medical doctor today, thanks to bob/suzzie hall! They taught us that there is a better life ouyt there if one dreamed and worked hard enough
    I miss them alot and I hope to meet them some day.
    I wrote Bob once and he responded but I would like to hear from this noble family. They were a blessing to many families in Shaurimoyo nairobi, Kenya.
    To the Halls, GOD BLESS YOU,

  12. Uncle Bill Curp

    Today my dad and I (Stephanie is writting this) googled his name”Bill Curp” and your blog came up in the search results!!! What a surprise. We haven’t taken the time to read the whole thing but are both excited about reconnecting with you!! Do you remember the story your mom told Bill about a date you were on where you asked your date to look at the stars and you promptly flicked her in the neck with your fingers? Aunt Beverly and Uncle Bill got to sit and visit with your dad and Julia at the emeritis event at Ridgecrest a couple of months ago. Uncle Bill is a trustee of the IMB now. We would love to reconnect with you. Send me an email at ****@juno.com or call me at ***-***-**** (Uncle Bill’s cell )

  13. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

  14. Dina Bateman Kanaley

    Kenny, I got a card from your dad and Julia today with your blog information.
    I have spent the last couple hours reading through…so much fun! Great job!!
    Really brings back memories of Limuru and your very dear family…you’re
    right about your mom’s cooking! Best doughnuts ever, or anything else
    she made. Thanks for sharing this, Scot and I really enjoyed it.
    ps. I remember riding back from Nairobi one night with Bev and Aunt Ros &
    your mom and my mom…I remember a conversation that was really surreal,
    considering the fact that my dad and your mom were soon on their way to heaven!
    Good memories. Thanks again.

  15. Dina Bateman Kanaley

    Kenny I have a question for you…can you email me? Dina

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