Eating crow, a good idea, and feeding my bank account…

The Good Book does say pride comes before a fall(  It also says that if you will turn from your sinful ways God will heal your land(  My sweet wife is known to say, “You can feed your ego or you can feed your bank account…the choice is yours!”  The first blog post on this site details my reasons for putting a half-naked man on my Popsocket.(  I thought they were valid and since he is kinda interesting and I was sure people would notice him and ask me why he was there?  Of course, this would give me a lead in to talk about my laser business and might even gain a new customer!  I started my passive aggressive advertising campaign by laying my phone face down on the table in restaurants as I dined.  I then sat back and waited for the sales leads in the form of curious questions to avalanche down on me!  My brother, ever the observant soul, noticed Private Knucklehead laying on the table when we were dining and asked what was the deal?  I laid out my advertising plan in detail and then waited for the congratulations that were sure to follow such a well planned presentation!  Instead of applause, praise, and maybe even a “family” order my brother started listing the various pitfalls to my newest idea!  The first and most obvious to him was that no one is going to ask why I had a half-naked cartoon on my cell phone!  Now, knowing my brother lacked any experience in the sales game and his sour grapes attitude probably stemmed from his ministerial background I promptly filed his advice in the appropriate spot!  Needless to say after several weeks of the campaign I did not even get one nibble!  Some buddies of mine at church asked me to design a Popsocket for our upcoming football season and since it also showed my laser’s abilities fairly well I swapped Private Knucklehead for their design.

Suffice it to say my brother seemed to be right this time…maybe he will be satisfied if I spring for lunch next time and not require me to “eat too much crow!”  My sweet wife was also correct, my bruised ego hurts less and less as sales leads from the new Popsocket prove fruitful!  

By the way, I can make someone a great deal on a slightly used naked cartoon Popsocket!

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