March 31st

Monday March 31st, 1969
Clinton, Tennessee
This morning I shampooed my hair and tried to prepare for my speech tonight by reading my diaries that I kept while in Africa.  Dean Buchannon and his wife came by to see us.  They told us that they had contacted the F.M.B. about going as missionaries.  M.G. and I both had talked how we felt they were interested.  A little boy from South Clinton called that he had found Alan’s glove which he left at the ball field yesterday.  I gave him a carved lion for a reward.  Tonight I spoke at the Associational W.M.U. at Andersonville.  Saw lots of friends.

I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Mom used her diaries to prepare for a speech and now some 38 years later those very words are immortalized on the World Wide Web!  Mom, like me realized that the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.  As a matter of fact the only thing that might last longer than the written word is the life that is changed by the spoken word.

You could almost hear the excitement in Mom’s voice when she talked about the Buchannon’s and their call to missions.  Mom and Dad knew that the only way for Christ to be spread throughout this earth is let the Lord equip ordinary people with extraordinary talents.

So often when I hear people talk about missionaries they think that they are endowed with marvelous powers that enable them to wonderful things.  After reading Mom’s words we find just the opposite is true.  The power to do the miraculous comes from the Spirit that dwells within us.

Today a little boy received a heartfelt reward from a missionary lady.  Who knows but that that small gift started a chain of events that formed and shaped lives for years to come?  Who have you affected today?  And more importantly who have you let Christ affect through you?

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