March 30th

Tuesday March 30th, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning we went over to Court South for our exercises.  Then we came home and got ready to go to Bonny Kate School where we had two sessions of showing our slides and curios.  While there we learned that Corky Maner, who is Andrea’s aunt, teaches there.  She came out to the car where we were waiting for Jane Rule who had contacted us about speaking.  We ate lunch there.  They had pizza.  After we finished speaking, we took Ken’s laundry by the BSU.  He was not there so we just left them. We got gas for the car and had it washed while in the U.T. area.  Tonight we went to C-N-C to see Jeff play football.  We met Mary Nell, B.J., Jenny, and Helen Mouser in Jefferson City at a little hoagie eating place.  Jeff’s team lost 33 to 0.  We saw the Daniels and Cagles at the ballgame.

After greeting the morning with some heart pumping calisthenics Mom and Dad went on the do the thing that really brought them joy.  Because Dad and Mom were from Tennessee and also gave such a good presentation they were given an open door into many of the local schools in during our trips home.  As a missionary kid I have been too many a boring gathering where the speaker, a missionary, would almost put you to sleep.  My folks were not of this ilk.  While other presenters were hesitant about letting you get to close to their wares Dad and Mom encouraged everybody young and old to touch, smell, and hold pretty much any curio we had.  Dad told me later when I mentioned something about his presentation style being different that the decision to let people interact with our discussions was made while he was a young man.  I do know that my folks had one of the best if not the best discourse on mission activities that I have ever heard or seen.  I realize my opinion might be a little slanted but then again this is my blog.

My cousin played football at Carson Newman and evidently they did not have a good showing this evening.  Mom and Dad just enjoyed being with friends and family for the night.

1 thought on “March 30th

  1. Joyce Bass

    I did not ever know that your Mom would step foot in a Court South! She was never over weight, but I did not think that exercise would appeal to her at all. See what I know? I use to wonder why she never gained any weight since she cooked so much and sooo good. I do remember hearing and seeing your Parents presentation at South Harriman Baptist Chruch where we were members long before we moved to Kenya.

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