March 29th

Wednesday March 29th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I shampooed my hair again.  Too we enjoyed some more spinach for lunch.  Ken didn’t feel up to going to school today so I let him stay home.  This afternoon we went down to the Milligan’s house and bought 79 shillings worth of their records that they are selling.  Saw in today’s paper that the Nairobi snake park had gotten some boa-constructors, five rattlesnakes, and a king snake in exchange for some cobras from here.

I can’t say for sure, but I am pretty positive I did not skip school today to have spinach for lunch.  It is funny how your tastes change as you get a few years under your belt.  Just yesterday I enjoyed a salad that was half spinach and a few days before that even ordered spinach at one of my favorite restaurants.

It seems this week was the week for “horse tradin” Mom and Dad find some deals at the neighbor’s yard sale and country music lives eternally at the Duncan household.

We also had our share of snakes in Mombasa but I daresay if we were to trade them for something it would not be more snakes.  One of the things these diary posts do for me is bringing to mind stories that molded my childhood.  In Mombasa one afternoon while we were playing outside I noticed a green snake beside Alan’s foot.  I told him it was there and after he looked down and saw it (he did not believe me at first) after he jumped away both of us decided we needed to dispatch the serpent.  The only handy weapon was a large rock close by so we set about stoning the reptile.  Once we finally sent him on to his final resting place we decided to ask our helper if he knew what type of scaly creature we had slain.  To his horror and our surprise we found out it was a green mamba one of the most venomous snakes on the planet.  God truly protects fools and kids. (This time he got two for the price of one.)

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