March 28th

Saturday March 28th, 1970
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to Westlands to do a bit of shopping.  Phil and Ken stayed here and played.  After lunch we took Phil home, picked up Alan, and went by the hospital to see Miller.  Barbara rode home with us for she was going to ride to Limuru with M.G. and the journey girls.  He was going to the G.A.-Father banquet.  It was a very bad rainy night for driving.  M.G. heard while he was out that one of the Safari drivers was killed-the African from Uganda.

While Mom and Dad were plotting ways to spend my inheritance I stayed at home with my buddy.  I felt pretty good about not losing much on this shopping trip because after all I lived in Africa-yeah right!  Well things must have gone as planned because soon they made it home in time for lunch.

We went by to see one of our friends who was in the hospital and ended up taking his mom back to her house.  Just exactly why Dad was going to the G.A. (girls in action)-Father banquet I am not sure.  Perhaps the time has come for my folks to fess up about my sister??  Actually Dad was most likely speaking at the shindig and offered to give a ride to those who needed it.

This year the Safari ran right by our house so we had ringside seats for the proceedings.  Check out some of the driving techniques in the link to rallying I have included.  You can easily see why on bad roads, in the rain, at high rates of speed, people would be apt to die.

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