March 26th

Friday March 26th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Robert made doughnuts for the Tigoni primary school.  He came in about 12:15.  M.G. and I went over there about 10 o’clock to make his pictures.  M.G. made a trip to Limuru to get some lumber for the Mahinga church.  Later in the morning M.G. and Gene Meachum worked on Gene’s car.  I washed clothes most of the morning.  This afternoon M.G. and I went to Kijabe to get Tim Laffoon’s passport that he forgot and left there.  We were lucky to find one of the Barnett men who helped us in.  This afternoon Dallas and Margie came out for coffee.  Ken has gotten involved in projects already today.

Robert the entrepreneur was at the bakery shop again today.  He really turned this into a cottage industry once his name and talents became known.  Once he left our employ he worked at several 3-4 star hotels in Nairobi as their head chef.  I guess he used the pictures Dad took for his promotional literature.

Dad got a chance to work on another car today.  I spoke with him at lunch last week and he mentioned that it was not until I started doing this blog that he realized just how much stuff he had worked on in Kenya.  I was sorry to tell him that the statue of limitations was out vis-à-vis any remuneration from this labor.  He then shamed me by telling me that he considered himself well paid by the friendships formed.

They got Tim Laffoon taken care of and then took a break with friends for coffee.  I don’t know what projects I had gotten involved in but I probably did so to avoid having to do any of the car mechanic work.  I know that you put gas and oil in cars and that every so often you must change one and fill the other but that about sums up my auto experience.

1 thought on “March 26th

  1. Tim Laffoon

    Don’t even remember this event.
    Glad to see your blog though!
    nooffal mit

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