March 25th


Monday March 25th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I went to Mr. Allen’s class.  I was very tired after being up so late last night.  After lunch M.G., Betty Cummins, and I went into town to order the Asian food for tomorrow night.  I bought a light for my sewing machine.  The clerk insisted that it was not used, but it definitely looked used.  It cost 9 shillings and 10 cents.  After supper we went over to Harold and Betty’s house for me to borrow a “sari” for tomorrow night.  Also, M.G. wanted to ask him about a generator for using during the safari that he has been asked to help with during the Easter holidays.

Mom and Dad had stayed up late the night before to listen for Charlie on the ham.  This is why Mom was so tired.  It was not because Mr. Allen’s Swahili class was so boring.  The folks were getting the Asian food for a party the next night.  Thankfully for us kids we were able to eat at home.

Purchasing items in Kenya used to be quite an experience.  Let us just say that customer satisfaction was not high on the priority list for most vendors.  But I can’t blame them because I can remember once or twice playing practical jokes on the hardware store because English was a 2nd language.  I had asked for a left-handed screwdriver and spent the better part of the morning rejecting each tool the shopkeeper showed me.  Perhaps the sewing machine man had met one too many missionary kids!

The safari that Dad helped with was the East African Safari.(See picture above)  This is a grueling race over the worst roads the country has to offer, and also the vehicle must check in at certain times along the track.  Dad manned the last check-in station before the finish line.  By the time most of the cars got to our check point they were pretty battered up, and were glad to be headed to the finish line.

1 thought on “March 25th

  1. Beverly Curp

    Bill remembers well your search for a left handed screwdriver. He has shared this with others several times as he made an effort to give an example of life in Kenya.

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