March 24th

Friday March 24th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we got up at 5:00am and was off to the airport to meet Mildred Cagle at 7:05.  She brought us a tape and two ball point pens with our names engraved on them from Alan.  He had gone to the airport to see her off.  M.G. and I sat right down and listened to the tape.  It was so great to hear his voice.  Ken got home from R.V.A. about 11:00am.  He rode in with Mr. Hendrickson.  Tonight we went to the movie, “The Pink Panther”.

Pens and proclamations were the order of the day today.  Alan scored a hit with the folks today by helping send off Mildred with a goody bag for Mom and Dad.  Any mother can tell you that although she might want her child to live almost 10,000 miles away every once in a while it is always nice to hear that they are indeed doing well.  I would say that Dad and Mom were only able to contain their curiosity until they got back to the car.  Once in the “gari” (Swahili for car) they plugged that tape into the tape deck and were transported to Alan’s side in an instant.

I made it back home around noon but I’ll bet I got to listen to that tape at least one time before we went to the picture show.  I may ride my brother from time to time in this blog because after all we’re brothers!  But I would have never missed a chance to hear from him when it was offered because-like I said we’re brothers!

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