March 23rd

Wednesday March 23rd, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
Robert, our yard boy, still has not come to work this week.  We are afraid that his wife has gotten worse.  After Swahili, M.G. and I went to town.  We had a coke at the salad bowl with Virginia and Marshall.  I bought me a pair of red sandals.  We had a pizza pie for lunch.  Tonight M.G. and I packed some carvings to send to his brothers and sisters, Uncle Kyle, and the Bunns.  Today we thought about the fact that one year ago today was our last night in America.  This afternoon M.G. took the boys to get their hair cut and he bought them a bow and arrow set.  Bryon came up to play with them.

Mom can never deny that she is a woman.  After Swahili class it seems the only thing that could lift her sprits was a quick shopping trip downtown.  Since Mombasa was not that big of a town and being missionaries kind of made you stick out so they were sure to find some friendly faces to have a snack and fellowship with during the excursion.

Wood carvings from Kenya are some of the finest crafted in the world.  These craftspeople work with a tool that looks like a miniature adz.  I am always amazed as to how much detail they can put into a simple stick of wood.  (Make sure to look on eBay in the next few weeks as I will be placing some of these very carvings up for auction to support our ongoing mission efforts.  For more information see the page titled Margiesmanna collection at the top of the page.)

One year ago we were getting ready to leave to go to the Dark Continent.  My how time does fly!

Dad took Alan and I to get our ears lowered and then as a reward to the toy shop.  Poor Bryon came up to play and probably ended up being the unfortunate captive with the Duncan boys being so well armed and all.

1 thought on “March 23rd

  1. Rebecca McBride

    Kenny with a bow and arrow set…….now I am really scared!

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