March 22nd

Saturday March 22nd, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. met Alan at the Limuru turn-off.  He came home for the day.  My back was really hurting today.  I managed to cook enchiladas for lunch.  M.G. and Ken left at 3 o’clock to take Alan back to Kijabe.  He had to be there by 4 o’clock for Rugby practice.  I went to bed with the heating pad on my back.  This afternoon it came a hard rain just for a few minutes.

Maybe one of the biggest reasons I was not a big sports guy in high school is because I realized early that it would really cut into my time at home.  After all Alan, my brother, missed a good hour or so in the warm embrace of family and kin to return early to the mud of R.V.A.  While he was doing wind sprints and hill climbs I was snacking on leftover enchiladas.

The actual reason I did not play high school ball is because I must have spent too much time snacking and not enough time running.  Life does have its trade-offs though because I happen to be the only one in my family to have not only run in, but complete a full marathon.  (For those who don’t know that is 26.2 miles on foot.  That extra .2 is for the Queen and I was not at all well disposed toward her while running it!)

Mom got some well deserved rest while we kids and Dad were gone.  This proved conclusively that the real athlete of the family was her.  It also showed that the herculean efforts she endured to make our life a pleasure to live constituted the real marathon race, not the pitiful 26+ miles that I hobbled through.

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