March 21st

Monday March 21st, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning when we got up it was very foggy.  It cleared up a little by lunch time.  We picked some of the greens today.  I fixed a layered salad, tuna fish salad, and candied peanuts to take to Kijabe.  When we got there, we learned that Ken had been chosen as the manager for the 1st team in rugby.  He seemed pleased about it, so we were happy for him.  Clay Coursey had a test run today and he seems to be having a rough time coming out of it.  We are all concerned about him.  We locked ourselves out of the house tonight.  Fortunately they still had our key at the Assembly.

Every time I told people it got very foggy where I grew up in Africa they always thought I was crazy.  But when you realize that Tigoni is located at 7500 feet above sea level it begins to make more sense.  Next time you look up in the sky just imagine your house located at the middle of the lowest cloud base and you will have some idea what I am talking about.

The layered salad, this was right about the time it came into vogue in Kenya.  Since it was the latest recipe Mom would fix it just about every chance she got.  Funny how things come back into fashion because for Easter lunch this year my household is having…you guessed it!  Layered Salad!

Why I was pleased about being the manager I do not know.  Hindsight being what it is I guess my reasoning was that whenever we went to away games I would get a trip into town and just maybe Mom and Dad would be able to get a care package to me.  As I recall, this gig lasted about one season.

When one of your friends hurts you will hurt also.  Uncle Clay was having a bad go of things so he was foremost in our thoughts and prayers today.  A great part about being in the family of God is realizing that you are being lifted up by your brothers and sisters during your time of need.  Even now I have a close friend of mine that needs our prayers for this bumpy spot in their life.  My friend, I am thinking and praying for you.

Now I know why Dad always insisted that we hide a key outside our house.  Come to think of it I wonder if that house key is still hidden in the…

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