March 20th

Wednesday March 20th, 1968
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I took Mama Jane (Simeon’s wife) with us down on Bazaar Street to buy us some African curios to put in our crate.  We got M.G. a Muslim outfit and a piece of cloth to wrap around him like the African wears.  Also, we got some material for the boys and M.G. a shirt and some for me a dress.  We also got several little things such as a coconut squeezer, dipper made from a coconut, and a wooden thing to stir with.  Tonight we went to prayer meeting.  Sally Bass was in charge.  She had Linda, Betty, and Richard to give a testimony.  It was very inspiring.  Also, Simeon one of the African boys gave a testimony.  He told of his desire to come to a Christian school and how God had answered his prayers.

Dad and Mom knew that when we came home on furlough that people everywhere would be interested in the curios we had collected.  My folks would always try to buy things that spoke of Africa’s heart to show during their talks.  Dad realized that when he was called to speak at different churches in the US, people would not necessarily remember everything he said but would never forget those items they could touch, see, and feel.

It seems that while Dad wanted people to be able to touch real African articles, Mom wanted us to look the part as well.  As I have said before church was a family thing for us so Alan and I proudly wore the “kitenge” as we sang songs from the heart of Kenya.  I can clearly remember demonstrating that coconut dipper and wooden thing (spoon) for people all across East Tennessee.

Testimonies always inspire me.  I guess it is because when you explain what has happened in your life no one can refute the change.  When I hear the word testimony I always remember the story of the blind man that Jesus healed in the Bible.  After all was said and done he simply stated, “Once I was blind, now I can see!”

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