March 19th

Wednesday March 19th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to Kiambu again to see about our church plot at Gikuni.  Mammaw and I got all ready to sew and the electricity went off, and didn’t come on again until after 5 o’clock.  Buck Donaldson came by this morning and talked for quite awhile.  I found out that Brian Pennell’s mother is a cousin to Barbara.  This afternoon M.G., Harold, and I went into Westlands to do some grocery shopping.  Harold and M.G. went by the bookstore to see about some materials.  Mammaw and I tried to straighten the table cloths and the napkins that we are going to use in August.  Glen Boyd came by tonight for a visit.

When you are a missionary you have to wear many different hats.  Dad put on his construction cap today and went out to see about a place to build a place to worship for the people at Gikuni.  By this time he knew that in order for the people to take ownership in the church building they had to have a part in building the facility.  Dad would promise to put the roof on the building if the locals would build the walls.  We would put a roof up that was a combination of tin and clear plastic.  That way you could have light in the building even though electricity was not available or off as sometimes was the case.

Mom and Mammaw got to experience that lack of power today because they had no juice for the sewing machine.  So they just went to plan “B” and did a little socializing.  Brian was one of my best friends in college, as well as an M.K to Indonesia.

The afternoon’s activities included shopping and looking for some teaching materials for some upcoming projects.

After 5 when the power came back on Mom and Mammaw went to work on some table cloths and napkins that needed some slight adjustments to bring them back into square.  They finished out the day catching up with a fellow missionary and old friend Glen Boyd.

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