March 18th

Tuesday March 18th, 1969
Clinton, Tennessee
This morning M.G. worked on his stereo that we are taking back to Africa.  Ken stayed home from school today.  I wrapped C.O. and Bobby’s mask and the carvings for Aaron and Betty.  I sent Marie two East African coins.  I also sent pictures to Mary Ann McCulla and the lady in Johnson City.  Tonight J.R. Robinette and the Bishop’s came up to see us.  Mrs. Robinette brought a coconut pie and a chocolate pie for us to eat.  When they got ready to leave, they gave us a check for $135.00 from their church.  We felt so unworthy.  They told us to use it in our work anyway that we choose too.

One of the many projects that Dad saw through to fruition was the home made stereo system.  Missionaries are famous for making useful items with what at first seems like junk.  Dad had cobbled this system together from several different sources and would make the final assembly in Nairobi.

Mom was getting some items together to ship out friends and relatives.

Ken was evidently just playing hooky.  Knowing me I would be willing to bet I made a miraculous recovery when the chocolate pie showed up later that evening.

Perhaps the most humbling thing about being a missionary is getting the chance to see what God can do with money used in the right way.  Mom and Dad felt humbled because $135.00 in 65’ was quite a sum of cash.  These sweet friends gave the money to them with no strings attached.  The only injunction was to use it in our mission work.  Our friends knew that the money could not have been in a safer place than in my folk’s hands because of their track record of faith.

Please Lord; make me the same kind of vessel that can hold the treasures you entrust to my care.

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