March 17th

Wednesday March 17th, 1982
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
This morning we all went to the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at the Bahia Mar Hotel here in town.  Alan was one of the speakers.  While there we met Mahesh Chavda who grew up in Kenya, and we had known his family while living in Mombasa.  He is a Baptist pastor her in Florida.  It did us so much good to meet him, for it showed us some fruits of our labors.  Today for lunch Andrea and I went to a luncheon at Ruth Ann Hutson’s house.  M.G. and Alan ate at the church, and then they went to meet Ken at the airport.  Cindy Sprayberry arrived today form Greenville, Tennessee.  She hopes to find work down here.  Tonight they asked M.G. to give a testimony at Prayer meeting.

Today I have the rare privilege to give the opportunity to comment over to my brother.  Not only did Mom’s wisdom mold and make me into the person I am today.  But her thoughts and lessons have guided him as well.  Take it away Alan!

Ken, thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on today’ entry.  Many of our Southern Baptist missionaries in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa have enjoyed reading Margiesmanna, and it is a blessing to see how the Lord worked in our family’s life, through Mom’s eyes.  Your labor in the Lord is not in vain!

 Concerning today’s entry, Andrea (my wife) and I began our ministry serving in Youth Ministry at First Baptist of Fort Lauderdale.  Dad and Mom made at least two trips down to visit us while we served in this great church.  I don’t remember the details of my invitation to share at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, but I clearly remember the Chavda family, from Mombasa, Kenya.  As I remember, Raju, Sheila and Mahesh Chavda were members of a Hindu family in Mombasa, and they had converted to Christianity.  This alone is a testimony to the “power of the gospel” to all who believe.  Ken and I remember going by their house to pick them up for church, and I can still remember the idols in their family’s living room.  Their decision for Christ certainly came at a great cost in terms of their family relationships.

 We had many friends and family visit, and serve with us, while we lived in Fort Lauderdale.  It was good to have Ken there in Fort Lauderdale, along with Mom and Dad.  Cindy was, and is, one of Andrea’s closest friends from her childhood in Greeneville, Tennessee.  She and Andrea both ended up working as Adminstrative Assistants for the church, during their time in Fort Lauderdale.  My cousin,Jeff Joslin, served as an intern in our ministry, as well as Scott Cagle, one of my dearest friends in ministry.  Both have been with us as volunteers in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


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