March 16th

Thursday March 16th, 1967
Mombasa and Camp, Kenya
We left for camp this morning at 8:30.  We met the Millers at the Circle service station.  We got to the camp site about 10:30 and got our camp set up.  After we had lunch we drove to the Galana River and met a Mr. Adamson who was a brother-in-law to the lady who actually petted the lion in the story, “Born Free”.  We saw two rhinos on the way back and they charged at us.  I got so scared that I didn’t even take their picture.

We were out hunting with some missionary friends for a few days and ended up having quite an eventful trip.  First we got to Mr. Adamson who according to Mom was the brother-in-law of Joy Adamson.  However, Mom was wrong about Joy just petting Elsa, she actually raise her from a cub.  This must have been before Mom saw the movie because she was usually really good on details.

After her brush with fame she felt she also had a brush with death.  Charged by not one but two rhinos!  Thankfully Dad knew that rhinos can hear and smell extremely well but are all but blind at a distance.  As remember the situation he waited till the animals committed to charge and then just drove out of the way.  Mom’s fear however deprived us of photographic evidence of the encounter.

She did not forget this lesson though for later this year she made us climb back up a tree for the photo op of the lion adventure! (See August 10th post for last year.)

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