March 15th

Sunday March 15, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Boyd and Syd got up and left before we got up.  M.G. and I went to Kikuyu to church today.  We meet in the railway waiting station.  A train kept switching band turning most of the time that we were there.  One of the young men in the service had on a T-shirt with the picture of the Pope on it.  We ate lunch at the Assembly.  This afternoon Ed and Mary Horton came by to leave us some shrimp.  Then they went on to R.V.A. to see Jay.  Tonight we had a going away supper for the language students who are leaving.  I had made 69 whoopee pies, and not a one was left.  We picked up Charlie on the ham radio tonight.

Boyd and Syd must have been pretty early risers to get gone before Mom and Dad got up.  Perhaps they had a long trip ahead of them.  Having tasted Mom’s breakfasts before I might have lobbied for a later start to the days journeys.

How did people get ever get saved before PowerPoint?  Surely the Spirit can’t move unless your sermon is shown on the overhead in a costly church sanctuary.  I am afraid that we American’s have lost sight of our roots somewhat.  Either that or our God has lost some of his power in the last few years.  Soft pews and fancy illustrations are good but we would do well to remember that it is Christ that moves the heart not Microsoft!

Our friends dropped off some seafood on the way to the rift to see their youngest son.  Knowing Mom and Dad they were invited to stay the night at our house on the return leg of their trip.

There must have been some hungry people in the language school.  I have never known those classes to be larger than 20 students and yet they polished off 69 whoopee pies!  Was the truth to be told, some of those pies were spirited away for later consumption away from inquiring eyes.

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