March 13th

Monday March 13th, 1972
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to Nairobi to see Dr. Mary and to do some errands for the assembly.  Dr. Mary told him that his blood pressure was up.  I spent a lot of the day today sorting out things in the boy’s room.  I gave comics to the language school student’s children.  I gave some left over model parts to Robbie West and some Easter eggs to the Moore children.  I went up to Fran Hammet’s place this morning for tea.  I found out this afternoon that I had an L & O Committee meeting tomorrow afternoon.  Tonight we went to Rosslyn to see Alan in a one act play.  He did real well.  While we were gone Ken went over to Robbie’s house and they worked on models.  M.G. got birthday cards today from his mom and from Charlotte and Virgil.

Dad was doing business in town today for Brackenhurst Assembly.  He was in charge of the facility for a few years and this was during that time.  The fact that his blood pressure was up indicates that things could have been going smoother from a manager’s standpoint.

The biggest thing I remember about these years was the “opportunity” us boys got to stack wood in the chicken houses that were located on the property.  We did not understand why we were doing this until Mission Meeting rolled around and for once everybody had dry wood to burn.  This was the same year Alan and I started our first cottage industry-fire making.  We would take orders from the missionaries in the morning and by the time they got out of their meetings that evening they would have a nice warm fire waiting at home.

Mom did some un-cluttering today and lots of mine and Alan’s unwanted items went to other hands.  She took a break around mid-morning to have tea and conversation with Fran and the girls.

Alan was in a play tonight and I had evidently had enough culture for the day so I revisited some of my old model parts at the West’s till the folks got home. 

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