March 11th

Saturday March 11th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Ken came in from R.V.A.  We had sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast.  Then he went with the Dunks to the Boyd’s house to try to “pick the door lock”.  After getting there they discovered that the house helper was already inside- so he had a key.  The Boyd’s are gone to Malawi and forgot to leave a key with the Dunks who are staying in their house.  Becky Holloway married James Bronson Gamble today here at the assembly at 4 o’clock.  I helped with the food.  The kids from R.V.A. got to stay until 9 o’clock.  M.G. took a land-rover full of them back.  I stayed with Margie Bateman while he was gone.  The Tidenburg boys and Mark Holloway came in to get something to drink with their pizza.

Saturday morning gravy and biscuits always made the early wakeup call at the rift worth the trip.  After satiating my appetite my skills as a “cat” burglar were called upon.  I think it is quite a paradox that a missionary kid has a talent for picking locks.  I am an avid reader and while I was reading a true life story about some British POW’s in Germany I found the instructions for making a lock pick.  Well being a red blooded kid I immediately went out and fashioned one of these devices and began to teach myself to pick a variety of locks.  Soon thereafter pretty much any lock in the country was putty in my hands.  This skill served me well during my high school years and since the statue of limitations has not run out on some of the pranks I pulled I will not comment any further on just where and when I put this talent into play.

Mom loved a party because it gave her the opportunity to put her expertise to work.  With a truck load of R.V.A.ites’ present I am sure the wedding food had to be more than just finger foods.  And since we got to stay till 9 o’clock I seriously doubt that there were any leftovers.  That is probably why Mark and the Tidenburg’s had to get pizza.

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