March 10th

Saturday March 10th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. got up early and went to R.V.A. to bring Ken home for the day.  They were back here by 8:15am.  We had sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast.  Just as we were beginning to eat Jack Conley came in to talk to M.G. about housing at Malindi.  Ken listened to the tape of Alan preaching and read all the mail that we have gotten this past week.  For lunch we had fried shrimp.  We asked Debbie McMillan to eat with us, but she didn’t want to.  She was here on the hill to do her laundry and to study.  We asked the Donaldson’s’ so they ate with us.  We left to go back to R.V.A., a little past 5 o’clock, Rosalind Harrell rode with us.  We all stayed for the choir concert.  It was good as always.  We saw lots of our friends there.  Before going to R.V.A. M.G. drove Samweli down to Kentmere to do some visiting before the preaching there.  Buck Donaldson brought him back.  Jo Von Bryon came by for M.G. to look at her car-oil was leaking she thought.

I was one of the fortunate kids at my boarding school for a multitude of reasons.  The two that stand out in my mind are that Marshall and Margie Duncan were my parents, and the fact that they lived in close proximity to my school.  The first meant that I came from a loving home where I seldom wanted for anything and the second meant that I could enjoy those perks on a regular basis.

I hope that it does not go unnoticed that I ate first before listening to my brother Alan preach.  This was because having heard him preach before I knew that I had best fortify myself first.  I can confess now that I did multitask during his sermon because I read the mail, magazines, books, and just about anything else I could lay my hands on during the message.  Don’t judge me too harshly, as we all know, a prophet is without honor in his own country.

We had shrimp for lunch and had to go out into the byways and highways to get enough folks to sit at the table.  Debbie missed out on a great meal and I am sure that the Donaldson’s will attest to that fact.

Around 5 o’clock we packed up the traveling wagon and transported me back to the Rift.  I arrived back on campus at 6 bells loaded with provisions for another week.  Mom and Dad stayed for the concert even though I was not in the choir.  Secretly I am sure they were glad because they have heard me sing on more than one occasion.

Alas, there was no rest for the weary; Dad had to get his tools out today to repair an ailing car for a fellow missionary.

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