March 9th

Wednesday March 9th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
We went to Swahili class this morning and our teacher gathered up a basket of objects and we were to identify them and write in Swahili.  M.G. and I went on to town and I went by the dress shop to pick up two dresses that I was having redone.  This Asian man does very good work.  We picked up some pictures that we were having developed.  They included the services aboard the American ship, but we weren’t too happy with the way they turned out.  We had hoped to send some of them to the Clinton Courier along with a write up.  Tonight we went to see a movie about the war that the U.S. had with the Germans.  It was good, but really too much violence for the children to be seeing.  We got a letter from June Parker.

This was probably a harbinger of times to come.  Mom trying to learn Swahili and then heading to town to do some shopping to calm her savaged nerves.  Mom would try to learn the native tongue for most of the 20+ years she was country and though she never felt she had a grasp on it the lesson of never giving up is firmly embedded in me.  (Read my post on April 5th to see just how serious Mom was about “Never Giving Up!”)

This must have been early in Dad’s photographic learning curve because people have said a lot of things about his pictures but never have I heard them say that they turned out bad.

Mom had a wonderful grasp on things that really mattered such as life.  However, not only was Swahili hard for her to grasp but she struggled with history also.  I am no expert but I do think that the war we had with the Germans was called World War 2!  As to the violence we witnessed in the movie that day, I think Alan and I ended up pretty well adjusted even with that dose of bloodshed on the big screen. 

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