March 8th

March 8th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I fried chicken, made potato salad, baked beans, and made slaw to take to Kijabe for our picnic supper.  The African team that they were to play did not arrive so they just played the staff along with a few fathers.  Alan guarded one of the teachers who got very mad at him, and didn’t show good sportsmanship.  We stayed for the school play.  The electricity was off for most of it.

It appears Mom was preparing the feast for this evening’s basketball game early in the day.

Since the African team was a no show R.V.A. put up a staff team to play the first team of the high school.  Knowing the staff members at the time I can guess who suffered from a lack of sportsmanship but will refrain from naming names today.  Alan was never the thespian while in school.

Ken on the other hand was either a great actor or a big ham.  Most likely he was a combination of the two.  I had roles in two plays during my tenure at the Rift.  I was Helen Keller’s dad in “The Miracle Worker” and a no name slave in Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”.  Since this humble start I have gone on to play several roles in our church productions.  I have noticed that in the last two or three of these dramas I was cast into the lake of fire for being a less than desirable character.  I think perhaps I have been unfairly typecast as a villain just because of my contrarian attitude.

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