March 7th

Friday March 7th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I rolled Mamaw’s hair, for she washed it last night before she went to bed.  I went to the Tigoni store to get some tomato paste to make some pizza for Drew and his girl friend who are coming tonight.  This afternoon Mamaw and I went to Uplands to a women’s meeting.  We picked up Joyce on the way.  She had waited for 45 minutes and then went toward her house.  When we were eating supper Alan called to tell us that he was getting married June 7th.  Needless to say this was a shock.  He was afraid that we would be hurt if he didn’t wait until December when we were there, but we understand that June would be better for them.

I guess we had to roll Mamaw’s hair this morning because she had awoken with a bad case of bed head.  At least that is what used to happen to me when I went to bed with a wet head.  You will notice I said used to happen.  Now my hair is dry before I leave the bathroom mostly because I have none to speak of.

Mom was always using her talent in the kitchen even when both her boys were gone.  Tonight Drew was cashing in on the tasty treat she was planning.  Since I know Mom’s flair for the creative Drew and his friend were in for a delightful evening.

Tonight the big phone call came from Alan.  Wedding bells in June!  My big brother is about to take the plunge.  I would say that even though I was in the US with Alan at the time Mom and Dad heard the news first.

Alan and Andrea have been together for several years now and it looks like she is going to keep him.  Although I have it on good authority that his knees are shot and we might not get to finish our paddleball tourney of champions because he has become too old.  The clock is ticking Alan and you like myself are not getting any younger so I say let’s settle this thing once and for all come springtime weather!  Tickets will be available for a small fee with all proceeds going to the margiesmanna fund. (See link in title bar.)

1 thought on “March 7th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I need four tickets…… the dry. 🙂

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