March 6th

Sunday, March 6th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G., Enos, (the pastor form Kambaa) and I went to Yara.  The pastor there is having trouble in his church.  There were only children in the service. It seems that he has “beat” his wife, so the people don’t respect him anymore.  Tonight John Cheyne preached at the English speaking service.  We heard today that Jo Scales may have some serious health issues.


Glass House

Today’s entry just proves that every church has its share of troubles.  I don’t know if Dad took Mom and Enos along as backup or what.  I feel sure Enos was there to make sure nothing got lost in translation.  Before you judge this man to harshly remember that the God I serve views any sin as transgression against Him.  My white lie today might have more and longer lasting ill effects than this man’s moment of anger.  Mom’s role today was most likely to comfort the wife and try to help heal a bad situation.  I find it interesting that even the non-churchgoing Africans of his village lost respect for him because of this incident.  Let us remember that we like this man live in a glass house and must do our best each day to not bring shame on the name of Jesus.

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