March 5th

Friday March 5th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I wrote letters and then we went into town about lunch time.  We ate at the Hilton and saw several Baptist missionaries there.  We went out by the Publication office and picked up some material for M.G. to work on writing the Sunday school lessons that he is responsible for before November.  Then we went out be the guest house to see Molly’s new baby, and we saw Carol Jean Blakley and her children too.  Tonight M.G. and I went into the drive-in to see “The Lion in Winter”.  We had to go in the Toyota truck for our car is in the garage.  Alan and Ken went to the Al Cummins’s tonight for an R.A. campout.  It always seems lonesome without them.

Mom and Dad spent most of the morning in correspondence with friends and fellow workers in the US.  A significant part of a missionary’s life involves keeping the folks at home base informed and alerted.  Because life in the field can change at a moment’s notice these letters from abroad help the mission decide whom to send where.  Today I am sure that email and cell phones have negated much but not all letter writing.

It looks like Dad is going to try his hand at some creative writing in the near future.  These lessons were to be used in the Kenyan churches for the next few months so once they had been written in English they needed to be translated into Swahili.  I am sure you can imagine how hard it was to translate Bible stories into a language that at the time our Lord walked the earth was not even spoken yet.

After visiting with some friends in town Dad and Mom went on a date to the picture show.  Showing up at the drive-in movie in a pickup truck harkens back to some “redneck” roots somewhere in our family.  Mom must have truly been a saint because first she would have never understood the movie they saw and second that Toyota truck while functional was perhaps the most uncomfortable vehicle we ever owned.

Alan and I must have been pretty good kids after all.  Mom and Dad seemed to forget the crazy stuff we did and just missed our company while we were away.  Before you imagine Dad and Mom crying in their Coke at the movie rest assured that Alan and I did not take long to get into mischief once we got home from the campout.

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