March 4th

Monday March 4th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I got up late and discovered that Robert was not here.  M.G. had to go to the language school for 2 of his teachers were not here either.  Later in the morning I brought Joseph in from the yard to help with the dishes and to mop the floor.  We met Ken at school at 4:00pm and went to the movie, “Where Eagles Dare”.  A Turkish airliner crashed yesterday and there were 345 killed.  According to the paper this is the worst disaster in civil aviation history.  In today’s paper there was a picture of an American college boy wearing only a pair of tennis shoes streaking across a gym floor in Gainesville.  This is the latest college craze in America.

Mom sleeps in and the whole world goes crazy.  That just shows everyone how much moms really control the world.

I don’t know if Robert and the two language school teachers were out with each other the night before but it goes without saying that all three were going to be in trouble when they got back.  Joseph was able to cash in on the situation though because he was able to help Mom take up the slack.

Later that day we went to see one of the greatest war movies of all time.  How can a movie miss when it stars both Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood?  I was so impressed with this flick that 34 years later I still have a copy of this movie on DVD in my collection.

I feel sure that the Kenyan newspaper did not understand what all the fuss was about with the “streaker”.  After all people were walking through the local villages with less clothes than this guy had on and had been doing it since time began in Kenya.

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