March 3rd

Friday March 3rd, 1972
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. drove the children to school and then we went into town.  We took our 2 wildebeest skins and Alan’s Grant’s gazelle skin into Daniel to let him take them and have them tanned for us.  Then we got a bite to eat in town and went on out the Trade fair.  We walked for about 4 hours and my feet were really tired.  When we left the Fair and got in our car it stopped as we drove out on the main road.  M.G. was able to repair it, for it seemed that the gas line was stopped up.  We got home about 6:30pm after stopping at Elinor Hill’s for M.G. to clean the grease off of him.  David Jacobs spent the night with Alan and Ken spent the night with Larry Lehman.  Jack and Sally Conley spent the night with us.

In the Duncan household you always hunted for meat not just for sport.  However this did not prevent us from obtaining some excellent skins that covered these walking hamburgers.  Even today I have skins from the animals that I shot while in Africa.  Since these do not necessarily fit with any décor my sweet wife has in mind they remain folded in pristine condition along with some of my other African trinkets.

The local Trade Fair might seem a bit tame or even boring to the average American but to us missionaries anything out of the norm was big doings.  You got to see all the latest improvements in farming machinery and even some cutting edge harvesting techniques while wandering the grounds for several hours.  The “Wow” factor of the fair was not enough to conquer 4 hours on her feet for Mom and she came away less than impressed by these up-to-the-minute gadgets.

Dad got to fix the car again today, fancy that!  Why Elinor Hill had the honor of grease removal station was beyond me.  Perhaps she had a supply of WD-40, that well known grease removal and all around miracle fluid.

I spent the night with my best buddy at the time and learned again why I liked his Dad so much.  Mr. Lehman was perhaps one of the best practical jokers I have ever met.  The story, told by him, goes like this.  When they were traveling home on their first furlough, he coached his children who had been babies at the time they left the states to only eat with their hands while at the welcoming home dinner at grandmas.  After the blessing had been given the children calmly and with straight faces began to load food into their mouths using only their hands.  Needless to say the relatives were horror struck at this display but could not say anything because they were equally as glad to have the little tyke’s home.  It was not until after the meal that Larry’s dad told them of the prank everybody enjoyed a good laugh, everybody that is except grandma who I am told was hesitant to forgive her child for this rowdy display.

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