March 2nd

Monday March 2nd, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I got up at 4:30am to get breakfast for Martha Adams, Clay Coursey, Ed Horton, and M.G.  They were all going to the Northern Frontier today to see about distributing food to the hungry people there.  Later in the morning I cooked breakfast for Joan Carter who had spent the night here.  She left about 10 o’clock am.  At 9 o’clock John Muturi, the pastor who lives here on the hill came by to tell M.G. that Joseph was ready to move.  I’m sure that M.G. must have forgotten about promising them that he would move him.  I sent them to ask Samson if he could move them in the Assembly vehicle, but they couldn’t.  I tried driving Clay’s car that was left here, but I couldn’t get it in reverse.  So I ended up moving him in the Peugeot 403.  I had to make 2 trips.  I had a cup of chai at 12 o’clock at Teresia’s house.  M.G. got in tonight after 9 o’clock.

Not all of Mom’s days were this packed with action.  However today she was destined to “ride the whirlwind”.

She started off today preparing breakfast for the masses that would then go the Northern edge of Kenya to feed the growing population that was fleeing unrest in Somalia and Ethiopia.

The kitchen opened back up again around 8 to prepare a quick meal for Joan and Mom.  What Mom did not know, was that this was also to be her lunch.

At a little after 10 that day she opened up the moving company of “one gal and a Peugeot”.  Even though she had some trouble working the gears on Clay’s car she eventually got into the swing of things with “old faithful”.  After several trips she got Joseph moved and even had a cup of African tea at one of her friend’s house on the final return trip.

I am sure Dad came home tired from his exertions only to find Mom just as worn out from her surprisingly hectic day!

1 thought on “March 2nd

  1. Rebecca McBride

    Glad you are back! It never ceases to amaze me how busy BOTH your parents were on the mission field. From the daily chores at home, to telling others about Jesus and everything in between, it amazes me how much could be packed in one little day. God knew he had found some faithful workers when he sent your family to Kenya.

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