February 25th

Sunday February 25th, 1968
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we went to Sunday school and Church.  We went by the Oceanic Hotel to leave a letter to the American guest who was arriving today.  After we had finished lunch, she called so we went to pick her up.  We took her around to see our different Baptist work.  When she called on the phone she said, “You will know me for I will have loud pink on.”  We took her to see the village where Robert lives.  He showed us a very deep well where the Africans draw their water.  Tonight after Church I had all the missionaries over for cake and coffee to be with the American tourist.  She seemed very interested in our work.  The papers say today that the doors will be closed on Thursday in Britain for Asians coming from Kenya.  The Chavda’s, who come to our church, are quite concerned.


Being a missionary kid I am used to traveling abroad.  One of the things I strived to do while en-route was to blend in with the locals.  Our American guest today was under no such restraint.  I don’t remember the vision of this pink “hostess snowball” traveling through Robert’s village but I guarantee every African who saw her that day does!


Mom headed up the after church meet and greet party for all the missionaries.  Whenever an American was in town you always wanted to be around them (even if they were dressed in pink!) so you could find out the latest news from the US.  It was nice to know that she was just as interested in us as we were in her.


Our friends the Chavda’s were under a bit of a strain because of a policy adopted by Kenya regarding Asian nationals.  I am just glad that we had any Asian friends after the “curry fiasco” caused by me earlier in our term in Mombasa. (See post on April 19th for story.)

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