February 24th

Tuesday February 24th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
Last night on the way to Kijabe we went by the post office and had a letter from the First Baptist Church in Norris offering to let us live in their pastorium while we are on furlough.  This morning Charles Bedenbaugh from Arusha had breakfast with us.  He had not been gone long until Vestal Blakely come by and visited for awhile.  This morning M.G. and I were taking some seed potatoes to Peter, one of M.G.’s preachers and just as we turned off the main highway onto a bumpy dirt road the back door of the land-rover flew open so we had potatoes all up and down the road.  One car passed and mashed some of them.  The Africans began to help us pick them up.  Tonight we had Bible study at our house.  It rained a little just as the people were coming in so we built a fire.  I served fresh limeade to drink.

The house in Norris was one of the first “missionary” houses I can recall living in.  I can remember feeling the relief in my parents’ demeanor when they were offered this gracious gift.  I don’t know if the church you attend has a house that is set aside for missionaries on furlough but you can take it from one of the M.K.’s that has benefited from this arrangement.  It is truly a gift from God to your missionaries in the field.  (Alan is staying in a house provided by Manley Baptist Church while he is here on assignment.  Just ask him if a load has been lifted off his shoulders with this blessing.)

Mom and Dad helped out some fellow missionaries this morning by providing food and fellowship.  I would say that even though Vestal got to the table late it was well worth the trip.

Dad had a very interesting way of helping his pastors help themselves.  He latched onto some high yield potatoes somehow and would make this deal with his preachers.  I will give you a bag of these seed potatoes on the premise that you will follow this pattern.  Eat only one third of your harvest, plant one third of your harvest, and give one third of your harvest to someone in your congregation.  This idea met with varied success among his men but I think Peter was one of the ones that worked the system so the system worked for him.  I sure Dad made up the potatoes that became road-kill on the way to his house that day.

Fresh limeade and a warm fire surrounded by Bible believing friends rounded out the day for the Duncan’s.

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