February 22nd

Sunday February 22nd, 1970
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I taught my Sunday school class.  We had several new ones.  We took Alan and Ken to the steak house.  We had promised them a steak for good grades.  Ken won the largest, and Alan got the medium steak.  Afterwards we went to U.S.I.S. to see the football film from America.  While we were downtown this afternoon, we met an American tourist from Oklahoma.  He said that at one time he was a preacher.  Tonight we went to the Asian center for church.

Today we enjoyed the quarterly trip to the steak house for the “good grades” meal.  Not only was my steak “rare” but the fact that I got the largest piece of meat was also out of the ordinary.

As I have said before in these posts “edumacation” was never very high on my priority list.  Since I recognized my life’s calling at an early age (cowboy) I knew that I just needed to master a few more rudimentary skills and my “schoolin” would be complete.  In the early 70’s none of my classes taught me even the most basic abilities that I would need on a cattle drive.  In my infinite wisdom I knew that I was to succeed in this chosen life I would have to devote more time to the study of its essential tenets.  The fact that I did not own a horse, lived in Kenya, East Africa, and the only cowboy I “knew” was John Wayne were not serious impediments to my quest for the open trail.  Knowing me I took it as a sign from above that we met a man who hailed from Oklahoma today.  Even though I did not realize the dream of being a cowpoke I have mastered the cowboy slouch in my office chair and am working on my lariat expertise if a stray “doogie” should happen my way.

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