February 21st

Tuesday February 21st, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Patsy Dison left for Mombasa.  She left her car here for M.G. to take in and have a new windscreen put in.  She drove the Hendkerson’s car.  Then they will drive hers down the week-end of March 4th.  M.G. went to town in our car to pick up some trousers that we were having zippers put in.  Too, he met Chuck Evans to look at a used car to buy for the mission.  This afternoon we went to R.V.A. to take some paint that M.G. had picked up for the kids.  On the way back, a bus was across the road so we had to wait for nearly an hour to get by it.  We started a tape to George and Betty tonight.

Dad was Mr. Fix-it again today.  After taking care of the details on Patsy’s car he left for town to run a few errands.  However, since he was one of the mechanics on mission cars he and Chuck had to go and kick the tires on a vehicle to check its road worthiness.

Mom and Dad took a quick trip out to the Rift today to bring me and my class some paint for the big banquet we juniors threw for the seniors.  I know food was brought on this trip to our school however since this was so commonplace Mom did not even mention it in her daily record.

The bus company could have used Dad’s expertise today and maybe that bus would not have taken so long to move on.  Since Mom and Dad were held captive in the car they started a voice cassette tape to my Uncle and Aunt in Oak Ridge.  This method of communication was much preferred to letter writing because you could hear the sounds of life in the background when you listened to the tape.  It was also very convenient for those of us “African Cowboys” (see post on February 20th) who neglected to learn spelling at an early age.

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