February 20th

Monday February 20, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
Today’s paper says that others may be arrested in connection with Kennedy’s death.  This morning I counted and prepared the church money for deposit.  This afternoon Alan went to a parade for Kenyatta at 4 o’clock.  Ken played with Tim Law all afternoon.  Alan still is having problems with his writing at school.  He changes from day to day.  He seems to rebel against writing the “British Way”.

First came the “Zapruder film” and the findings on the “the grassy knoll and the 3 tramps”.  Soon after the “the single bullet theory” tried to shed some light on the tragedy.  Perhaps the most telling evidence of an “apparent” conspiracy is the fact that Mom was curious some 4 years later.  I wonder if she…naw!

While Alan prepared to greet the president of Kenya I played with another missionary kid most of the afternoon.  Alan’s class must have been doing tribal dancing or something for Kenyatta’s visit that afternoon.

It is nice to know that Alan had some trouble in school.  Alan was and is that type of guy that does extremely well in a classroom situation.  It could have something to do with the fact that he applied himself more than I but I prefer to believe that he was gifted in that area.  Always being the futurist of the kids I had already decided my life’s calling.  I was to be a cowboy.  You can see that even then I had a firm hold on reality!

1 thought on “February 20th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    Bobby and I have been to the “grassy knoll”. It was a neat trip to Dallas. By the way, did you do tribal dances as well? Just curious to know if it was tribal or interpretive??

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