February 19th

Thursday February 19th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I went to my literacy class again.  I didn’t go after lunch for I needed to do some cooking.  I made a chocolate pie for tomorrow.  Sammie Quarles picked up Will Jay’s car for him today.  We are glad to finally have it fixed.  Tonight I made some tuna fish and pimento cheese to make sandwiches for Alan and Marlene to take on the bus tomorrow.  Also, I made some candied peanuts.  M.G. wrote some letters tonight to various people Doris Glenn in Switzerland, a lady in Germany who knows Mildred Cagle, his sister Sue, and a friend of his named C.O. Turner in Memphis, Tennessee.

I don’t know if Mom was teaching literacy or taking it.  I think she must have been taking the class because she would have never skipped a class she was teaching.  Not that I recommend skipping class but it is nice to know that Mom was not perfect.

I am pretty sure that Alan and Marlene were glad Mom took the afternoon off to cook for their trip.  And whoever Mom was making the pie for on Friday was glad that the car got fixed so she could devote her attention to doing what she did best.

Speaking of doing your best Dad got a chance to shine in the letter writing arena tonight.  These letters must have had more of a business tone because Mom was the one who dispersed the information in the family.

1 thought on “February 19th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    It is just like the females in the family. Cooking, letter writing etc. I sure would like to have a piece of that chocolate pie right now. That is my very favorite!

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