February 18th

Friday February 18th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
We went to Swahili class this morning.  Our teacher spent most of the time talking to us in Swahili.  He asked M.G. his age and was surprised when he told him 40.  He said “In our country when a man is bald he is very old.”  After class we went down town and met Marshall Phillips at the salad bowl for a coke.  We got a letter today from Aunt Emma.  This afternoon I made some applesauce cookies, but they aren’t crisp like I thought they should be.  Tonight we had youth fellowship at the church.  We answered questions from the question box and showed a movie, “The Women Who Played God”.  It was from the answer series.  After youth fellowship some of the boys talked to M.G. for an hour.

Swahili class, Mom’s thorn in the flesh.  I would say that if the teacher spoke Swahili most of the time Mom got very little productive done in class that morning.  Dad on the other hand seems to have garnered some excited response from the teacher.  However the teacher probably lost Dad for the rest of class when he made that “old man” crack regarding his hair and lack of it!

Mom and Dad did the only thing you can do after a trying morning in school.  They went down to the local soda shop to “have a coke and a smile”.

I don’t know if the cookies were for the youth fellowship tonight but if they were there were no complaints from the youth where taste was concerned.  The question/answer time most likely went over better than the movie time.  I can’t imagine any African giving much credit to a movie that involved women who played God.  At this point in time universal suffrage did not have a large following in Kenya.  Looks like the film did generate some questions and Dad got to field those for about an hour after the fellowship.

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