February 17th

Monday February 17th, 1969
Clinton, Tennessee
This morning we tried to get the Clinton station at 7 o’clock to see if there was school.  Finally found out at about 7:30am.  The boys were mad as “hornets” when learning that they had to go.  When M.G. went out to take them, the care would not start.  (At 10 o’clock last night our neighbor called that our car lights were on)  Later we ended up buying a battery at Sears after having it tested.  I had the bandage changed from where I had surgery today, and Dr. Peters removed the tube.  Got a letter from Molly Houser today and she told of Syd being in Beaumont due to her mother’s heart attack.  Later tonight I called and talked to her.

Even though many years have passed since this day you can still hear the echo’s of fervent prayer from Anderson County.  If being on the mission field had taught Alan and me anything it was that prayer changes things.  Yes we conveniently forgot about the righteous part that usually precedes the mention of prayer.  We both thought that God was smiling on us when the car would not start however Sears came to the rescue and we finally went to school.

I have often spoken of “family” ties on the mission field.  As soon as Mom heard of Syd’s situation she made haste to call her and see if she could help in any way.  Sometimes a friend’s voice on the other end of a phone can help ease pain when loved ones are scattered here and yon!

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