February 15th

Friday February 15th, 1974
Nakuru and Limuru
This morning M.G. worked on some electrical stuff for Jane.  We had lunch, and then left for Limuru.  We went by the farm and picked up the meat that Ken had killed last night.  We stopped by Kijabe to see Alan and left him some cookies.  We brought some things for the Holloway children from Jane, their mother.  Alan told us that on Wednesday of this week he played at Shari Moyo.  It was on their schedule to play at KSTC.  I took him the clipping from the paper, but he had already seen it.  It was in the East African Standard one day that we failed to get one.  We were glad that we had bought the evening news.  When we got home, Robert had made 3 loaves of bread and a Bubble ring.  Ken gave him 1 of the Dik-Diks and 1 for Joseph.

Dad, as expected was helping the other missionaries out with some electrical wiring this morning.  After we got the “spark” back into their house we had lunch and hit the trail towards home.

Ken had been using his hunting skills to provide meat for the family so we went by the place where we were having the venison processed and picked it up.  I was actually helping control the wild animal population on a local farm.  As I remember this particular farmer kept both domestic stock and wild animals side by side and on occasion would have to thin the herds so all could flourish.

Alan was playing basketball at this time so I guess the cookies were to give him strength after the game.  However, at RVA where good food was as rare as gold these cookies probably became currency to purchase Alan’s comfort in other areas.  He most likely never used Mom’s chow to buy a favor from the prefect but her good vittles kept me out of hot water more than once.

When we got home Robert had kept the home fires hot and baked us weary travelers some bread.  I gave Joseph and him each a small antelope for their families.  With some of the meat from this hunt I tried my hand at making jerky.  Because of the local wet climate this experiment was met with less than optimum results.

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