February 14th

Wednesday February 14th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to the Finance Division meeting.  He ate at the assembly and was gone all day.  I went to the market and bought bananas, tomatoes, peas and the lady gave me a cabbage head.  I got a case of cokes and 2 packets of bacon.  Then at the assembly I got a chicken, a ½ block of cheese, and a case of toilet paper.  I’m getting ready for a long week-end.  I went for my 1 hour of Swahili at 1:30pm.  After I got home I made 2 apple pies and 2 jars of apple butter from the peelings and cores.  Tonight Janet Dillard and Ginny Adian came out to make a phone call to Nyeri and to watch “Rich Man Poor Man” on our T.V.  I sold them each 1 kilo of the apples that I had bought in town.

Dad left early and was gone all day at a meeting.  I hope for his sake he wasn’t planning a romantic night out with Mom because that seemed to not be in the cards.  Mom went on a shopping trip to stock up for the long week-end.  As I read the list of provisions I can’t help but laugh.  I understand most of the purchases because Mom was sure I would be bringing home a friend from school.  But I am thinking with that ½ block of cheese the last thing we are going to need is a case of toilet paper.  Maybe those apples were a bit on the green side…

Mom is the true model of the woman mentioned in Proverbs.  She provides for her family’s needs and still has enough produce left to turn a nice profit.

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