February 13th

Monday February 13th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
Gathered up a few clothes for Dixon’s children and went with M.G. over to his house.  He and M.G. wanted and needed to discuss some things concerning the church.  Rose served us Fanta orange (warm) and some bought cookies.  Came back by the high school and had a conference with Ray concerning the boycott of the high school boys of not attending church last night.  I got a letter from Marie Dail telling me that a circle in her church was naming their circle the “Margie Duncan Circle”.

Mom always had a heart for children.  Today she and Dad went out to visit one of his pastors and Mom, ever the kind hearted, brought some presents for the kids.  If you have ever seen a child that has nothing receive a free gift I would highly recommend the experience.  I can tell you once you see such you will never be the same.  These folks who had little shared out of their supplies to entertain the missionary.  I was always amazed at the reception these noble people could put together.

Mom and Dad went back by the high school to discuss some problems that were showing up.  I am sure that Dad and Ray met to discuss how to gently coerce these students back into the fold.

I don’t know how many “Margie Duncan” circles there are but during her years as a missionary she had several named in her honor.  I have yet to find out if any perks went along when this honorific was bestowed.

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