February 12th

Friday February 12th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. built some shelves for the closet in his office.  I remade some curtains for the kitchen and the wash room.  They are some that Betty gave me and I used them in the states while we were on furlough.  This afternoon we went into town to pick up some pictures and to do a bit of shopping.  Joy Neal rode back with us.  The Dreesens got in today from Mombasa.  Alan slept out in a tent tonight with the Adams boy.  Alan and Ken had supper at the assembly.  Sam Turner came out and recorded some music from our records.

In Kenya you don’t just go down to the hardware store and buy some readymade shelves.  If you needed shelves or most anything else you needed to know how to build them.  Thankfully Dad was handy with about any tool created so he was able to construct most of the furniture and accessories for his office as well as the house.

By necessity Mom became an excellent seamstress also.  Today she was remaking window treatments for the kitchen.  She reminded me a lot of Marie in “The Sound of Music” except for the singing and the trying to be a nun part of course!  Actually the only similarity between to two was both remade curtains.

I must have been too young or too much of a brat to enjoy the night of roughing it smoothly with Alan in the tent.  Most likely the latter if Alan was to tell the truth.

Mr. Turner took the opportunity of being close to Dad’s record collection to record some of them.  Knowing Dad and his music taste Sam struck a gold mine when it came to Lawrence Welk!

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