February 11th

Saturday February 11th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I was very tired for I did not sleep well last night.  I never sleep well when M.G. is gone.  Ken came in this morning.  He helped Phyliss Clark line up some slides that she is planning to show at the women’s meeting tonight.  After breakfast Ken went to bed and slept all morning.  After lunch we went to the airport to pick up M.G.  He was about 30 minutes late getting there, on the way through town we saw Debra Owens and another R.V.A. girl who was looking for a ride to Nairobi school where the basketball tournament was going on.  We took Tara and the Lindholm girl back with us to Kijabe.  Tonight the Waltons were on T.V.  The Batemans and Curp children came down to look at it with us.

One of the greatest things about being a Duncan was, knowing that your parents loved each other.  True we had our squabbles as all family’s do but for the most part we lived peacefully and happily together.  Having slept in the same room as Dad at one time or another I can confess that with all that snoring I tend to feel more tired when he is there than when he is not.

Looks like I was a techno nerd even back in high school.  I helped Phyliss arrange her “PowerPoint” show of that day and time before I bedded down for my morning nap.

While we were fetching Dad at the airport we gave a lift to some of my high school classmates.  Family members help family members don’t they?

On a side note please pray for Debra because one of her daughters attends Union University and her dorm was hit in the recent tornados.  From what I can gather she was not hurt but lost most everything.

After delivering the kids back to boarding school Mom and Dad settled down for a quiet evening at home, with most of the station invited over for the American T.V. show that is!

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