February 10th

Sunday February 10th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went to church at Muguga.  We met in a home there.  There were about 25 people present M.G. preached and he finished at 12 o’clock, but they kept singing, talking, etc… until it was nearly 1 o’clock before we finished.  This afternoon I took a walk out around the assembly for I was lonesome for my boys.  Tonight we picked up Charlie on the ham radio.  He told us that there was an 8 inch snow on the ground there.  He had talked to Chris Ogle, but had not talked to Alan or Ken.

Attendance in church was somewhat sparse today.  I don’t know if the folks had been out late to the village social or if because of the weather they had slept in.  However the ones that were there had a grand time.  I am struck by the interesting comparison between churches here in the US that are filled with people who for the most part do not miss many meals, and  their counter parts in Kenya who sometimes are wondering where that next meal is coming from.  Here we sit in the land of plenty and get mad is church goes 1 minute past the lunch hour and over in Kenya Dad gets done preaching and they stay on for another hour.  I know it makes me wonder where my heart is!

It is not hard to guess where Mom’s heart was this afternoon.  She did not say where she went on the grounds that day but I hazard a guess it was to the spots where the memories of her boys were the freshest.  Throughout this time even though she missed us she still stayed true to God’s calling on her life.  Mom was teaching by example what commitment meant.  Another good lesson from Mom in today’s short post.

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