February 8th

Tuesday February 8, 1972
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. drove the children into school, and then when he got back we went out to Kijabe, a boarding school, to tell some of our fellow missionaries children that their grandmother in the states had died.  The older girl seemed more upset than the twins.  Their parents had tried all day yesterday to get them on the phone.  We had Dave and Mary Saunders to come over for lunch, and we fixed diet food.  Then Davis and M.G. went into town.  I stayed here and washed my hair.  Tonight M.G., Davis, Mary, June Mason, and I went into Joan Carter’s house for supper.  She also had Boyd and Syd and the two women from Georgia. (Dorothy Pryor and Kate Ellen Gruner)  They are both from Georgia in Atlanta.

I know I have spoken of the bond missionaries feel towards each other.  Sometimes being part of the “family” is much harder than others.  Today Mom and Dad had to deliver bad news to a couple’s children because the phone service was less than reliable.  In today’s high tech world of cell phones and text messaging it is hard to believe that communication often depended on shoe leather and gas.  Looking back on this particular situation I am sure the girls were glad to have a woman to hug on and help them through this trying time.

I don’t know what exactly “diet food” was but I am confident that Dad and Davis’s trip to town did more than accomplish a chore or two.  While Mom was sprucing up her hair in an attempt to drown out the growls from her stomach, Dad and Davis were masking that rumble by another method entirely.  Poor Joan Carter did not know what she bargained for when she invited the “four dieters” for supper tonight.  I’ll bet that Boyd and Syd and those two women thought they were in a cage with hungry beasts by the time supper got served.  Evidently “diet food” effects your cognitive reasoning somewhat because I notice the ladies hailed from “Georgia in Atlanta” and not vice versa.

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