February 7th

Friday February 7th, 1969
Clinton and Kingsport, Tennessee
This morning M.G. and I went down to Oak Ridge.  He needed to pay for some tires that he had recapped.  I took one sheet back to Penney’s and exchanged it on 2 bedspreads for the twin beds.  We had a hamburger at McDonald’s and then went home to load our car to go to Kingsport for the week-end.  We stopped at the K-Mart in Knoxville to buy the boys a book to read.  We came by the church in Johnson City to pick up my notebook that I had left.  They had already mailed it to me.  Saw some carvings in a shop from Kenya.  The giraffe were $26.00 and the small elephant were $6.00 each.  We got to Betty’s house about 5:30pm.

It seems we have caught the Duncan clan is on the road again.  This was a common occurrence while we were home on furlough.  Dad and Mom always kept a busy speaking schedule while they were in the states.  When Alan and I would complain he would chide us with his infallible logic that said, “People here want to know what the missionaries they support are doing overseas.”  That being said my folks always seemed to relax and calm down as soon as we boarded the plane to return to Kenya.  Now Alan is experiencing the same feelings while he crisscrosses the country setting up new Sports Evangelism programs for the International Mission Board.

Since the demand for old, bald, sweeper sales guys and their how-to seminars have waned somewhat I have been stationary for the last decade.

When I read that Mom and Dad had stopped and bought us a book (singular) I can’t help but wonder how that deal turned out.  Alan and I have never been real big on sharing things, except the occasional bad cold, so the idea that we would share reading material is beyond me.

I must say that upon seeing the going price of African carvings in ’69 the “buy it now” price on the carvings that will soon be on E-Bay in support of margiesmanna have taken a giant leap forward.

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