February 6th

Tuesday February 6th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to Gikuni to teach Bible in the school.  When he got back he met with John and Samweli to study some.  This afternoon we took a picnic supper to R.V.A. to see Ken.  The girls were supposed to have a hockey game but the team didn’t show up.  Ken said that John Moi had been up to R.V.A. to visit.  We saw Johnnie Arms.  He was telling us about seeing Alan in the states.  Tonight we had station meeting at Mildred’s house.  Cherry Kirkpatrick was telling us that Gayle told her that in her class she asked the kids to write about someone that they looked up to and that Cara and Toni both wrote about Ken and Becky Boyd.

While Dad went to various meetings, Mom undoubtedly had to prepare for the transference of feasting to Kijabi.  Evidently I had a crush on one of the girls that played hockey because that would be the only reason I would be attending such an event.  Things must not have worked out too well for me though because Mom made no mention of a girl joining us for supper.  She passed on Mom Duncan’s feast, something lesser mortals have died trying to attain.

Though the thought of dining with me was repulsive to some at least some of the younger missionary kids knew I had something going my way.  I attain “looked up to” status twice in 15 years from the younger generation.  I truly am honored that these children thought enough about me to mention me in such a paper.  Cara and Toni, thank you for the compliment!

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