February 5th

Saturday February 5th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to teach his class at the Muslim Institute.  I washed two loads of clothes, made cookies, shampooed my hair, and fixed lunch.  Simeon made rolls.  After lunch M.G. and the boys went to the beach with Peter Poecock and family.  I stayed home and prepared our supper to take to the movie.  We saw “The Glory Guys”.  It was about the Calvary fighting the American Indians.  This afternoon Alan got the scissors and cut Ken’s hair.  Luckily he didn’t mess it up beyond repair.  I worked some on my Swahili today.  We got a check from Mrs. Cobb today for $20.00.  We are most grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Even on Saturday Dad is still about the mission God has called him too.  He made sure he got the most important task done and by the Lord’s grace still had time to be with his family.  I just hope I exhibit the same fortitude in my walk with Christ.

“Super” Mom proved again today why she holds the title.  I got tired just typing the chores that she performed.  Even Simeon could not compete with her because in the time she did 4 things he just baked rolls.  Dad took us boys to the beach today in part to keep us out from under Mom’s feet.

Once again Mom performs a miracle and gets a great meal ready for the evenings repast.

Thankfully there are moments in our lives where paths cross and choices are made that truly affect our lives calling.  Today was such a pivotal point for Alan, had the hair cutting experiment succeeded he might have gone on to a career in cosmetology.  Instead I got a bad hairdo and he channeled his energies towards sports instead of shampoo!

Mom worked on her language studies today most likely beginning with “asante sana” which means “thank you” for the “zawadi” (gift) you gave us.

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