February 4th

Wednesday February 4th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I shampooed my hair.  Robert made bread today and some cookies for us to take on our trip.  We made barbecue for tonight.  Alan brought Alf Rhea, Gwenda Scott, and Marlene home for supper.  Ken did not get to come for last week he failed to do his homework on the day that he came home so they were punishing him.  M.G. went to Kijibe to pick him and two other boys up to ride to the game.  Then they would go back on the bus in place of Alan and his friends.  R.V.A. lost by 13 points to N.I.S.  Alan scored 24 points which was high scorer.  I took the worm in a jar to show to Dr. Bethea and he gave me some medicine to put on it to keep it from spreading.

Once Mom got her hair washed she and Robert got busy with the cooking for the upcoming trip.  They were getting ready to go to the coast and see RVA play in a basketball tourney.  Robert and his Kikuyu wife were making the trip with them so they had lots of planning to do.

Alan and his crew got to enjoy a home cooked meal this evening even after suffering a loss to NIS.  Ken on the other hand got to ride back to the Rift in a sweaty bus with only his fresh baked goodies to keep him comfort.  I know my readers will find it hard to believe that I put off a project to spend time with my family.

The worm Mom was speaking about had stung her the day before while she was putting on a blouse.  We were not having Dr. Bethea treat the young insect in hopes that he could stop the larva from gaining too much weight.  I realize most people would catch Mom’s meaning but imagining my mother attempting to keep a bug fit struck me as funny.

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