February 3rd

Sunday February 3rd, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went out to the church here on the assembly grounds.  There was a very nice Kikuyu couple, who have moved into the Lany house, visited in the service.  Tobias came to visit us and had lunch with us.  He told us about how he had lost his job at Menna Travel Agency.  He said that money was missing and he was accused of taking it.  Tonight Bill Curp preached at the English speaking service.  Janice and Hannah sang a special and it was very good.

Today was one of the few Sundays that Mom and Dad went together to church.  Most of the time they would split their labor so they could be two places at once.  However even missionaries need to be nourished sometimes.

Speaking of nourishment it seems we had guests for lunch today.  Tobias had just been given the heave-ho from his employer and apparently for no just cause.  Having been fired from one of my past jobs, I can empathize with Tobias.  I am sure he found, like I did, that the world did not end and the only real scars from the experience were to my ego and not my body.  None the less your self-image takes a solid hit when the ax falls and you are kicked to the curb.  I am sure Mom’s home cooking helped to remedy a physical need to say the very least.

I don’t remember who Janice and Hannah were, but I can say that everybody present was glad that Bill preached and not sang!

1 thought on “February 3rd

  1. Cindy

    Looking back now, that firing was the best thing that could have happend to you. I am sure that company still regrets it!

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